Blog Post2 “Intro to VR Concepts & Production”

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Both Unity and Unreal Engine are popular game engines available to the public for free. In this blog, I would like to compare those two engines and comment on what I liked and disliked.


I have developed  2D games and VR projects only in Unity. Unity is a great tool to build the VR games/projects since it allows users to edit and move around 3D objects easily. One of my most favorite tools of Unity is its cross-platform integration. The cross-platform allows users to develop the game and switch any game platform between iOS, Android and Windows. I personally think this feature makes the game developers’ life a lot easier. Moreover, Unity is capable of handling many types of file formats. For instance, 3D Max, Blender, Maya, and Rhino, etc. Since I often develop 3D models on Rhino and Maya, Unity is very useful and easy to combine my files together.

Assets store is also a great feature of Unity. Unity provides a variety of assets, such as props, materials, textures, and characters all free for the public. Asset store even has sound effects and particles to download. I think Unity really comes out on one of the biggest asset stores in the game engine field. It offers every kind of assets from intuitive animation and motion-capture software.

Unlike Unreal Engine, Unity uses C# and JavaScript for coding. Personally, I only have experience in using JavaScript. Once I got the hang of how to use Unity, I think Unity has a quick and simple interface to built the projects.


Unreal Game Engine:

I have never used Unreal Game Engine, but it was very interesting to learn how to use the basic interface since the platform is very different from Unity. When I first looked at the interface of the Blueprint, I was a little bit overwhelmed by all the nodes which are surrounding the main window in the middle. Unreal Engine was developed by one of the greatest American video games and software companies called Epic Games. So far the latest update of the engine is 4.20.3. We can download the archived versions from the library tab of Epic Games Launcher.

Unreal Game Engine requires coding with C++ programing language. Personally, C++ is much harder to learn compared to JavaScript so it will be a challenge for me to get used to using Unreal Engine. However, Unreal Game Engine made the users to create a game without coding, but the quality of the game will be limited.

According to the lecture that we were given on Tuesday, Unreal Engine has Blueprint visual scripting, instead of writing code. Blueprint is node-based interfaces and the UI of the platform is very clean and simple. I think Blueprint visual scripting would be very efficient for creating 3D prototypes. Also, it is possible to create the entire game with using Blueprint scripting.

I was very impressed by how Hector connected his VR headsets and controllers to Unreal Engine and tested out moving the 3D objects. I am very excited to test out and play around with the nodes on Unreal Engine.

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