Blog Post 4

Mika Hirata


The VR experience called “Testimony” gave me many inspirations to create a 360 video for Project A. Testimony is a storytelling VR experience and its UX design is very unique compared to other VR experiences. Multiple speakers surround the viewer. When the viewer looks at one speaker, the speaker starts talking about their experiences. Since the background is totally black, I was able to focus on each person’s story. Moreover, some videos that relate to the speakers’ stories show up as the background, and I thought it is a very smart way of using the void space. Testimony is a very isolated experience from the outside of VR headset. Before trying on the experience, I did not have any clue of what was happening in the VR headset. However, after experiencing Testimony, I realized that this VR experience conveys the idea very well in a unique storytelling style.

For our project called “Still Point”, we wanted to create a totally isolated environment, so that we could convey the idea of relationships between scents and memories. We decided to use a room to isolate the viewers from the surroundings. The idea of the isolation came from Testimony since we all agreed that the idea of the VR experience should not be affected by the outside of the VR headset. Moreover, our project “Still Point” is meant to be a settle experience. We did not want the experience to be rushed or noisy, but instead, we wanted our project to make each viewer take time and think about what they feel and remember from the experience. Furthermore, the idea of blackout at the beginning, at the end and in between scene came from Testimony. We thought the blackout gives a nice little break between the scenes and it leads the viewer to focus more. Also, the blackout let us change the scent in between the scene.

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