Blog Post 6: Class Reflection

Mika Hirata



In the process of creating Project B with my group, I was able to learn how to use Unreal Engine 4. Since I did not have any experience with Unreal Engine 4, I had to follow many tutorials and learn how to use the software in a short period of time. Our group faced many bottlenecks of coding bugs and lighting issues. However, the final outcome was very successful and all of the group members were very proud of our VR project. Our VR game is called “Genera”, which is a game of completing planting tasks in a zero-gravity environment. The protagonist is the viewer, who is a lonely sentient robot scientist on an alien planet. To create this game, we divided up the tasks and assigned roles to each member. My main role in this project was to create the materials and shaders for the environment to match the objects with the science-fiction theme. I created most of the textures, materials and the shaders which made the game more immersive and aesthetically pleasing. The water material that is used for the pond and the fountain in the building was the most complicating material in this game. In the process of creation, I learned how to use the blueprinting method by combining animations and textures. Personally, using blueprint on UE4 was more intuitive than coding on Unity, since connecting the nodes on each element was very simple and does not require any typing. Moreover, I was able to learn building lightings and baking are very important in UE4. Without building the lightings, we faced many issues to play the game.


Furthermore, I was able to learn how to work with the team. Since my group was very balanced out with the skills, we were able to peacefully divide up our rolls and focus each asset at a time. However, gathering and putting every asset together took much more time than we expected, and were not able to create what we planned initially. Even though we are very satisfied with the final outcome, there are many potentials to make this game better. For next time, I learned to have more time to put all the assets together and test everything.