Creative Synesthesia – Shirley Wu

Privat Livemont, Absinthe Robette, 1896, Portfolio reproduction from Les Maîtres de l’Affiche, 18⅞ x 13⅜ in (48 x 34 cm). 

Privat Livemont, Absinthe Robette, 1896,  is a French poster that displays a revealing woman, raising a cup, in a setting of nature. This poster utilizes muted colours, organic lines and a spontaneous aspect to the overall lithograph. It embodies the Art Noveau movement from the apparent use of long sinuous lines in the background, nature-related objects and the decorative characteristics throughout the design.

From observing this poster, there is a reoccurring contrast between boldness and gracefulness compared with the women and the environment. There is a sense of fearlessness from her confident, revealing posture and her luscious curls, yet an also delicate appearance from her surrounding – the trees and the clouds. While the background appears to be dark and mysterious, there is a distinction between the lively women in the foreground.

The smell of this lithograph would be a combination of earthy, musky, and floral scents. The gradient effect in the background and wispy lines appear to be the darker and stronger scents, while she is the floral note to the lithograph – the lightness and warmth she brings to the design. If this poster was a taste, it would be bitter and tangy. The dark moss green background colour suggests the taste of green tea while simultaneously, the note of citrus comes to the palate from her hint of brightness visually. If this lithographic was a sound, I can hear wind chimes and flutes; along with the sounds of wind gusting pass her. Observing the background, the curvilinear and organic lines appear to be trees, clouds or even fog. Both the use of a neutral colour palette and elements of nature, allows the sense of these sounds to carry through this lithograph.


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