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Sep 20

2020 is a hard year for everyone. The Pandemic affected our lives deeply. However, its impacts are not always adverse. The opportunities are huge for designers.

In the past few years, many social problems have become more serious due to pandemic that brings me some new ideas. During the pandemic, I stayed at home most of the time. My shopping method has changed from offline to online. Looking at the piles of express packages, I was thinking about how to change the mode of transportation, reducing transportation costs, and the environmental impact. Maybe shopping can become more environmentally friendly and convenient.

Lack of social interaction is another problem we have during the pandemic. Social distancing rules have adverse impacts on people’s mental health. Although, there are some products and technologies to build social connections. Digital meeting is generally no substitute for in-person meetups. Sense of touch, body language, and subtle expressions can’t be transmitted in video calls. I am wondering how to use design to overcome the loneliness that distance brings us

Sep 14

Hello world!

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