Schematic Design Process


The files in the following google drive are compilations of all the poster iterations I made. I adjusted many different things with the same concept, exploring scale, placement, repetition and gradient colours.

Experimenting with how crowded the poster should be and how much space should be left empty, while adding smaller secondary elements, I found that the best option was to not repeat the main typographic element and instead exaggerate the gradient “tail”. The smaller typographic elements were repeated in the background.

To remove the “plastic” feeling of the typography, I added a grain texture, which brought back a more analog idea that reflects upon “film”.


In the following google drive, I have included some exploration with image treatment, an initial brochure layout and the last one I worked on.

I wanted to try to capture the feeling of the typography in the images, so I ended up deciding to go with the gradient fadeout.

In my initial brochure layout, I found that there was something missing with the type, so I fine tuned it and added repetition to some elements.


I first made a short exploration video with my main typographic elements repeated.

This is the second sketch, featuring the gradient and the secondary typographic elements.

This is the storyboard I made:


Research and Discovery

Week 1

The link above leads to a pdf compilation of my first week research findings. There is general information about the Cannes film festival, their values, history and current context. There are also some examples of competitor festivals and my initial insights.

For next week I needed to fix the insights and research different inspirational imagery to be able to come up with concepts for a typographic language.

Week 2

The link above leads to a pdf compilation of my work for the second week. I worked on my insights, looked more into past editions of the film festival and researched inspirational images based on the insights. For the historical direction I researched a lot of art movements (Bauhaus, De Stijl, Dada) around the time the festival was founded, however they were not exactly at the right time, which seemed like I was reaching.

The other two directions needed to be better developed. Diversity is different from multicultural and, passion for film is a characteristic of all film festivals.


Most of my information about the festival was found on their website:

Week 3

For the final steps I needed to expand my insights for better understanding and reevaluate my three concepts.

I researched a lot more about the time period of the film festival, and looked more in depth at the posters of all the editions.

I also researched competitor festivals that were founded around the same time as Cannes. They are a better comparison.