Week 2 Major Design Project1

This week Job and Reza introduced the STEEPV analysis exercise and discussed a reading relating to how the travel industry survives pandemic, which helps us to discover opportunities and direction for our project.

How  STEEPV analysis works is that we find trends in different areas such as social and technological trends that have an impact in the next five to ten years, then we combine these trends in order to find opportunities.

Using the method of STEEPV analysis, I came up with three opportunities. The top 1 opportunity that has the potential to be my final project was in the health and wellness area, combining the three trends I chose-“customer engagement”, “bridging the digital and physical” and “meaningful social presence”.

To briefly talk about what is this opportunity is about, I hope to provide a meaningful experience through bridging the physical and digital, for people to relieve stress in a fun way without causing any stress on their eyes.

Why is it important? It is common now, especially during the pandemic that people do not have much choice but to work or study remotely in front of their laptops or electronic devices for a long time. Therefore, I see the need in the health and wellness area, to help people in a way that is fun and helps to relieve stress.

Week 1 Major Design Project 1

This is my first post after the first class of MDP knowing all the tools I need to study online, it was helpful and led me to here. The purpose of writing blogs throughout the semester is to keep a record of what I do during the semester and hopefully helps me to get to know myself better and to know which kind of designer I want to be.

The upcoming week is when the exercise called STEEPV will be introduced, and its purpose is to help us to come up with two to three project directions. I have an idea in the health and wellness area now, but it will be interesting to see how using STEEPV analysis might change my mind or how it might help me to come up with new ideas.

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