Design Inspiration

Graphic design is using typography, photography and illustration to achieve visual communication. Graphic design is about presenting your idea and experience by text, texture, colour etc. Graphic design is a form to record history, it records the style of the century, such as typeface, lifestyle, the use of colour etc.

One example is the Roman or Antiqua Type. Nicolas Jenson was a publisher and printer who developed the roman-style typeface. In Nicolas Jenson’s Evangelica Praeparatio by Eusebius, pattern and colour were used in graphic design. In 15th century, Roman type was modelled from a European  style. People used italic type and roman type separately during the early Renaissance. However, nowadays, roman and italic type are being mixed together, people use the typefaces that composed upright style and italic or oblique style. Early roman typefaces bring lots advantages to modern graphic design, for instance black-letter is a typeface that influenced by early roman typeface.


Nicolas Jenson’s Evangelica Praeparatio by Eusebius


Blackletter that inspired by Roman typeface


“Nicolas Jenson’s Typographic Contributions.” The Type Directors Club,

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