Week 5

Exciting week! My research has been progressing. This week I had my first interview with the person that works at the dealership. His expertise and knowledge about the customer and their decisions making not only helped me to better understand them, but also how majority of the people buy cars. Also in interview, the person pointed out the structure (the bucket system) of how cars are sold which gave me several ideas about my own project.

Apart from my first interview, I focused my research on also how cars are made. I focused on the assembly line it self. It was very interesting to look at it. I watched several companies assembly lines and multiple models of each. It made me realize how complex modern cars are (I already knew it, but this time it was from producing point of view). I also noticed several overlaps, and sections to develop the building process, which I will develop further on. It not only helped me to understand how cars are made, but also how to better design my car in sections.

Week 4

Last week has been educational and exciting for me. I have began my research stage. I have divided research into three sections; people, Econ, design. This way it helps me to focus at one at the time when I am working. Although they are in different sections, they can contribute to one another.

The fun part was to start exploring the design of the interior. I’ve learned a lot simply from how to even design one, and it helped to realize some design movements which I will use in my project later on.

Third Week.

The third has been very educational  for me in terms of my thesis. I researched more of circular economy, and worked on framing my project. One of the first things I tried to do is to figure out how the project should be presented, and what style/language it should have. After playing around with fonts, layouts and other, I figured the rough look, which I will be developing through out the semester.

I researched how the circular economy affects the automotive industry, and how some of the companies are contributing to it. Apart from automotive industry, I also looked into technology industry. I think its important to know how companies like Apple, Samsung and other are trying to contribute to it, since all the cars will be electric in the future.


Second week

This week I did not only had all of my classes, but also figured out the working timeline for this semester. 

In my thesis I’m taking a project that evolves around cars. The idea is one car for life, and how instead of adapting to a new car (buying a new car) the car could adapt to us. This week I have organized the research and what needs to be completed in next two month. At the moment I’m focusing a lot on the Circular economy and how the interior parts could be reused and recycled. This week I’m continuing the research on parts and materials, and planning on doing the person interviews with some car owners and dealerships to understand how they spec their cars, the reason going with the brand they went and how they buy cars. 

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