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The Footprint Of My Thesis Project

STEEPV And Framing

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Opportunities were too narrow focused



After today’s session, I realized that the opportunities that I identified were to narrow. A specific product should not be included at this stage.

List of opporitunity



Long distance relationship STEEPV


STEEPV on Grocery Shopping


Problem and insight listed regarding Grocery Shopping


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Thesis Topic

Currently, I have multiple topics that I am interested in. They tackle various problems from different aspects of our life after the pandemic. The pandemic has permanently changed many habits and conventions that we used to have and believed would have continued forever. It also helps drive changes that seem to be good for us in the future, for example, the whole society is going cashless.

It is likely that we will be balancing back and forth between the reviving our economy and the safety of our people, so I hope that the solution to my project will not only help people living better lives during the COVID time but also have profound meaning and influences afterward.

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