Thesis topic_New Commers_Steppv


Ford_Problem framming

Problem Framming

  • idtifty user/ target group
  • identify real problem

“If I had asked people what they what they wanted. They would have said faster horses.

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black”

There is a aeparation between what people say, what people wants and what their desire. Their vocabulary often trape into existing technology. It limits ability to descriabe their needs. As a designer, we should Understanding consumer’s desire and motivation behind their behaviour.



22 Sep_Vicky_Framming


Grocery Shopping_Vicky Zhao

Vicky shares her steepv and Project Framing. For Transactional once Click shopping; Expiration day reminding/Recipe suggesting system/Experiential new business operation model in the community, we also discuss some concers22

  • Some people like the grocery shopping experience, while others don’t. (Does it enhance their experience?)
  • At present, there are many mature online shopping grocery web pages and services, considering whether the design is of high value.
  • Cooking some easy recipe is accessible to find from youtube and other cooking recipe apps; Making it more outstanding different feasibility is not very high.

Nowadays, technology and information have been developed at a rapid speed. Finding an engaging topic with high value is difficult.


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16 Sep_Vail Resort(Group disscusion)

Vail Resort

In the week2 class discussion, our group signs to brainstorming the possibility of a future hotel for vail Resort- a mountain resort company that provides hotel services and outdoor activities. When we list the trends cards, our group has mainly focused on how COVID-19 changes people’s behaviour and motivation. During COVID-19, people start to worry about their health and safety. After the steepv method, we come up with these ideas.

  • Create a virtual experience of outdoor activity
  • Using AI manages facility capacity-> reduce people to people contact
  • Corporate with car rental companies support “escape” for people who did not have a car
  • Create Wearables to help maintain social distancing. and track, evaluate the risk in the area¬†
  • Provide Automated cleaners that clean right after facilities have been used

Thesis topic_Pets sitting_Steepv


Thesis Topic

thesis topic


14 Sep_Steepv practice_Tim(Metal health)

Tim_Metal health steepv

“stress” in covid-19 can lead metal health issue

During the course hour we start to using Tim’s topic-Metal Health to brainstorming.

I think it is really helpful for setting the base knowlage around the topic, at the same time group member can share their knoelage and background information about this topic. We have

  • Metal health support system for aging populations to learn and deal with metal health
  • Create a commuity support system run by government
  • Moitoring mental health among young generation
  • Create more afforadable and acessible therapy for lower income families

However, I think for this topic, Steepv did not work well as we expected. Frist, the topic of metal health require some psychology knowlage and more background information. Second, the metal health problem needs something more than a trend anaylsis. I think metal health promblem need to put more fouse on People. Finding the reason behind what causing metal helalth problem?; What does people stress about?;  Why covid-19 cause more people stress?