The Braid Assistant

A machine that helps with braiding or weaving

After the utter disappointment that was my last machine, a good portion of this assignment was dedicated to just finding out what went wrong. After many hours of frustration and troubleshooting I learned that apparently my laptop will no longer upload Arduino codes directly. As such, this entire project had to be tethered to my desktop.


Originally my goal was to have a machine that could braid three strings with minimal human intervention. However, after testing and failing I came to realize that the machine worked best with a human operator moving the middle string (the control string). With the servo handling a simple criss-cross motion, different patterns with the middle string can create a number of different braids.

Instructions for operation:

1- Cut 3 even lengths of string

2-Tie one end of a strand on to each of the hooks in the box.

3-Tie the other ends onto a rod- a pencil is an easy solution

4-Between those two knots, attach the third string. It should hang loose between those two

5-Activate the machine by plugging it into the computer (do NOT under any circumstances try to upload a sketch to the Arduino after this point.)

6-Weave the control string while moving the rod with the other


Finished product:


test videos:



20180313_211828 -Early hook and servo placement20180313_215122  -At one point a send servo was attached to the rod- this was scrapped

20180314_083417 -scrapped 2 servo design20180314_094719  -First successful braid20180314_094724 -Closeup of the connection hooks20180314_101840   -Finished machine20180313_220617 -string test

Hello world!

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