Blog Post 5: Personal VR Game Progress

The majority of my progress so far has been on prototyping the setup of each scene in Echoes of the Tides and implementing the mechanics and player controls. I was unable to come to class yesterday because I was unwell, but I made sure to keep up to date with what my group was doing and I worked a bit on the Unity project at home. They ended up adding their newer assets to the scenes, which was great to see, but I was unable to attach any interactivity to any of the assets that needed it. We envision certain objects like the radio/speakers and the bonfire being interactable. For example, the radio would play music and the bonfire could be lit. 


Fortunately, I was able to finally sort out the buggy artifact proximity mechanic at home. Previously artifact objects could be right next to each other and it would not be detected or would be overridden by a false proximity flag from another unrelated artifact. Sometimes it seemed to work, but more often than not it did not. I was able to get the Bonfire to be triggered regularly, but I was not able to untrigger it even if I moved the artifacts out of proximity from each other. Printing to the console when objects within a certain distance showed that the if statements were working, but for some reason the code inside of the if statement to trigger the creation of a collection did nothing. After several weeks of trying to fix my code, I finally decided to rewrite it and approach proximity through collisions and not distances. I wanted to have it set up, so my group could present the proximity and triggers working, but I was unable to finish it on time. Below are screenshots of the proximity-based collections working and triggering different combo objects.



The Beach Recreation scene with the assets that Annie and Nik made. They set it up. Based on the critique we got about this scene, we have decided to focus on the Underwater scene and try implementing the bonfire collection in the 3D beach gameworld to replace the purpose of the Beach Recreation scene.


The three objects that can make the bonfire collection are circled: Lighter, Beer Can, and Wood. In the screenshot, they are too far apart, so nothing is being triggered. In the future, it would make more sense if the bonfire was just the Wood and the Lighter, but to test out three-way combos I added the can.


The bonfire artifacts are in close enough proximity, so the Bonfire object has been spawned into the world. Moving an object out will remove it.


The brackets show there is distance between the artifacts that can make up the collections. The Fish and Can will trigger the “Strangled Fish” combo object and the Fish and Wood will trigger the “Sunken Ship” combo object. The pink cubes are placeholders to show where the combo objects will spawn.


The “Strangle Fish” combo object is spawned. As you can see in the inspector, I keep track of the complete collections in a list. Each spawner’s spawn script has access to it and will spawn its combo object when it detects its collection. In the future, I may create a spawn manager to keep track of all the spawns and triggers in each world the triggers.


The “Sunken Ship” combo object is spawned. For testing, the console window will update whenever two artifacts are in proximity and will stop when they aren’t.


Finally, the portal shader showing the other worlds is an ongoing issue that still is not fully resolved. In the screenshot, it looks fine, because when there are only one camera and eye to render to its very smooth, but in VR it has issues rendering a version of the shader that is properly orientated in each eye. I will continue looking into how to solve the issue, but I may have to scrap the shader and create a portal VFX instead. The main reason I had it in was to make the world feel connected, almost as if you were not being teleported to the destination but being connected/parallel to it through a wormhole.

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