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Experiment 4 progress report


Team members:Isaak Shingray-Jedig

Title: Contact


This inspiration from this project came in part from a previous project from last years Accio class.  Roshe Leynes and I created a project that used Kinect computer vision to produce an accurate 3-dimensional perspective effect.  This foray into computer vision got me interested in the subject. When experiment 4 came around, I thought of ways to use some form of computer vision and settled on a drawing experience that uses computer vision as a tool.  I thought of using a pad of material when I thought back to the shooting star in-class project that the class did as a part of the hello world phase of experiment 3.



Contextually Contact sits somewhere between a Kinect drawing experience and a tablet because it uses a surface as a switch to determine when to draw.  This makes it more accurate than a drawing experience with just colour vision but less accurate than an actual tablet capable of providing an accurate x and y.


Techniques used

This project uses the physical switches and Arduino to combine with connect with processing as I was taught by Prof. Hartman along with the programming in processing that I learned from Profs Ji and Tindale, especially in relationship to 2-dimensional arrays and the analysis of data in arrays.  I then used these techniques and applied them to the use of a camera and the analysis to achieve color tracking, as well as the physical aspect of a conductive material stylus and trackpad.




Contextual works


Drawing using Kinect V2

Computer vision for Artists and Designers

11.5: Computer Vision: Color Tracking – Processing Tutorial

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