Thesis Research

I took the time to do a bit more research around ergonomics around sitting positions.

I realized that a lot of what can be found on a quick research is very North American and much of it is a lot of new information. There seem to be a lot of information about what set up one’s chair and desk should be, but it all feel like one can only sit in a chair for so long before it becomes uncomfortable . So I did a bit more digging and I tried to look outside of North America. I wanted to see what other cultures were doing and what sitting for them was like.

I came across an article that talked about how indigenous cultures don’t have back pain and what positions they use instead of sitting. It turns out that sitting and squatting are more commonly used postures around the world than standing up and sitting on a chair resting one’s back against a chair.

third class

We analyzed the company KAYAK and how they are doing during COVID and how they are changing their business motto around it.

My group and I came up with the idea or adding another section to be able to book camping sites, RVs, cabins, or local/in the area hotel rooms around customers area.

During COVID travelling outside of the country has been made harder. in reaction to this, a lot of people have been booking camping sites, which happen to be perfect during COVID.

There are no real good system to book camping sites as each camping site as their own website and it is a lengthy process to look for good sites that will also match with one’s availability.


Initial ideas

I have many ideas that I am looking to look more into in the next couple of weeks.

My initial idea was to study comfort in seating. Most seating designs nowadays aren’t really made to be comfortable over a long period of time. Whether it is an airport chair, a waiting room chair, a classroom chair. All of them have a very specific timeframe in which they will become to feel uncomfortable. on the opposite side a seat too comfortable could help people fall asleep and lose productivity. this project would be about finding the right middle between comfort and productivity.

Other subjects of interest. I am very interested in the wear and tare of objects and how some objects gain value in their usage, for example, cast iron pans are known to create a non stick coat overtime, Peugeot’s wooden salt and pepper grinders create an aged wood patina overtime where the wood once matte becomes shiny.