Blog Post 4 – VR Experience Contextual Review

In today’s class, our discussion was focused on game design approaches such as flow and pacing within an experience and this affects a person from continuing to play or moving on. We also discussed our own personal understandings of meaningful interactions such as the idea of feeling you’re not wasting your time, enjoyment of that time, feeling you have benefitted from the interaction. We then discussed how full-motion video games and point and click interactive movies all resort to the mystery and adventure games genre. How they intersect gameplay interactivity with film-like storytelling and how difficult it is to balance the two.


For the remaining time, we split off into groups to experience some VR games and how they could relate to the current game our team was developing. For our play session, we first played Super Hot for its use of time as an interaction where the faster you move the faster your enemies will engage you leaving to move slowly and with a strategy to take on a swarm of enemies.


Since the game we are constructing is a horror based game we played Stifled which has a similar echolocation feature in the game like ours where you avoid an enemy and navigate in the sewers through sound. The last game we ended up playing had the most effect on all of us was called Face your fears, where you placed in a kid’s bedroom and you pick 1 of 3 children’s books which will generate a scary atmosphere within the room through sound and jump scares. We realized of all the games played this had the least interactivity but it also provided the greatest atmosphere through immersive sound.


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