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For our VR game Sonophobia we have made a lot of progress since our concept and early test build. My work in regards to Sonophobia was to build upon the original concept and create the story and accompanying script used for the 360 video shoots and how the player progresses through the game levels. This also involved building flow/ player experience charts to see how we can incorporate 360 video elements within the game as puzzle games. During our group discussion, it was decided that we should streamline the gameplay to focus more on our core gameplay elements of escaping and avoiding the enemy and have the 360 videos a tool used to escape the enemy. The two charts illustrate the changes and progression made in our game progression layout.

 Original game structure v1

This rendition of the game had players collect and solve riddles that were to be assembled in the 3rd level.sonophobia-flow-chart-structure-chart

Updated streamlined game structure v2

This new iteration was based on feedback from players to streamline our levels and focus on our core mechanics of gameplay being escaping and avoiding. The solving riddles aspect was replaced with 360 videos that were tools used to progress to escape the current level. Being caught by the enemy would not result in starting the entire game over anymore, but instead starting at the start of the level where you failed.


Another aspect I was apart of was for the filming of the 360 videos and directing the group based on the game’s script I had written and revised for the new progression chart. The scene below is used for our opening expositional cutscene which takes place during a cult initiation ceremony.


Currently, I am working on helping to animate some aspects of our enemy in Blender that was rigged by Donato, as we want him to have an unnatural movement style that varies from level to level and thought multiple animators would create distinct styles in the movement that can be switched between to have a jarring and frighting effect.

Currently, we have our first level of three fully built based on our theme of a home but it was decided in it would be based more on an apartment. Our initial concept was to have the player find the correct door to exit the level but this was replaced with an elevator, where the player would need to figure out which of the three highlighted floors they would go to to escape. Pressing the wrong floor number would result in the enemy appearing leading to a game over screen. Currently, the enemy path is basic and set to walk around the elevator placed in the middle of the level. The player has to navigate the dark apartment to avoid the enemy and find the video for the clue and then reach the elevator to input the correct floor number to exit the level.



The red circle surrounding the enemy above is the projection of his voice and from how far the player can hear him approaching. Below is footage from our playtesting from the first level where if the player runs into the enemy the game is over, so the player must view a 360 video to access the elevator exit.


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