Blog Post 6: Getting to completion


Since the last update, Sonophobia has gone through a lot of changes in regards to size and scope. We were lucky enough to test out the core mechanics of our game early on as playtesting the finished levels for polish will be limited as only half our team will have access to playtesting. The main changes made towards the final build of the game is doing away with our concept of a 1:1 scale interaction where if the player walks in person a few meters in one direction they will travel the same distance within the game world. This way they will not use a directional pad for traversing the level and will have to use own body to move. Another aspect we decided to drop was a sense of verticality provided by the 1:1 scale interaction allowing the player to crawl under objects in-game, and step over objects on the ground. Because we are no longer demonstrating our game as a performative art piece anymore we thought it would be best to rescale the levels according to a directional gamepad controller to allow the player to play anywhere according to the space available to them. Another change we made was to scale down from 5 levels to 4 levels in-game since we are scaling up the smaller levels we had originally. Because the player can travel a much larger distance in-game and all 3 main playable levels are similar we decided to drop one due to time constraints and our new game development workflow.


(above) Final progression chart for gameplay


(above) Demon animations in Blender that I worked on

Development wise we are in the final process of assembly and playtesting. All our levels are complete with the 360 videos in place and working. So the game starts with an introductory screen with the game name and play button, leading to a demo introductory stage with voice narration and 360 videos used for exposition placed along a hallway for the player to travel through while testing their radar powers. Once they reach the end they enter an elevator portal to the first playable level where they have to avoid the demon and find a way to escape the level, which requires finding a 360 video clue to access the correct elevator out of three options. The second playable level is similar to the first one but the difficulty has increased as the demon is tracking the player on how much they use their radar ability. Once the player escapes they enter a level starting in a 360 video relating to the opening video. The player is explained that they cannot beat the demon as they step out of the video they are in another dark room with the demon taunting them with an exit provided to the game start menu. Going down the list we have all the different assets completed for 4 levels, voice acting and music completed, the demon model as well as his animations completed. The 360 video integration took us the most time to edit but they were completed recently and integrated into the build. Aside from some playtesting and polishing the game is done. We are in the process of recording gameplay footage and in-game screenshots for documentation and marketing material for the website which we have already set up a draft outline with existing documentation. In the coming days for submission, our focus is on documentation, the website and marketing material sucha s the trailer and posters


(above) edited 360 video clues Sam worked on


(above) screen cap from last testing


(above) vintage-style cover art poster for the initial marketing material for the game that I worked on. Later material will be based on in-game footage.




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