October 4, 2017

A few questions have we have:

  1. Yiyi and Savaya keep having the Hairless Midi crash and we want to know why – later question
  2. More about the presentation / what it should look like
  3. Interactive building box of the sensors – how people can use them unlike us / setting maybe?
  4. Which wire can we use for the solderingĀ for the box?
  5. Clarify a few things about the blog too
  6. We want to ask if we could use actual music and not pitch..??
  7. Can we use these sensors for different things?

The answers to our questions based on what Nick and Kate informed us:

  1. Make our project interactive – 5 mins worth
  2. We have to find the relationship of where the sensors are and the speakers – flashlight / where is the light / blocking – how are people interacting with them to make the light?
  3. Use shorter wires for the link.
  4. Add in two breadboards? one for all the light sensors – and one for the wires. More organization and space for people to interact
  5. Not the best use to make a box for the sensors
  6. We can add in fish or flower petals – the FLOATY portion. Clue = show why and not ask why
  7. We can create a breadboard that uses all three of the components we talked about to manipulate the music – use Ableton to do this – just have to figure out why / same hardware set up / how you set up the messages based on the code (more design in the code than anything).
  8. It is crashing because it crashes.. look at how everything else is being run or the OS system

Things to add and remember based on our meeting:

  1. Turning a light on and off for the switch – between what we have
  2. Tell people how we want them to interact with our product