Hello and welcome to our Water Bounce blog!

Meet Savaya Shinkaruk, Yiyi Shao, and Sana Shepko, we are the founders of Water Bounce.

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Meet Savaya (left): Savaya Shinkaruk is a fashion stylist and journalist with a keen interest in wanting to blend components of the online fashion industry with design. She graduated with a BA in communications in 2017 and is completing her MDes in Digital Futures at OCAD University. 

Why did you want to create Water Bounce: “I wanted to create the Water Bounce DJ product because who doesn’t like to hear music while watching a water show! Plus our product gives you the control to interact with the system and change the note of the instrument playing – allowing you to become your own DJ. Cool!”

Meet Sana (right): Sana Shepko is a graphic designer with an interest in user experience design and data visualization. She graduated with a BFA in 2017 and is completing her MDes in Digital Futures at OCAD University.

Why did you want to create Water Bounce: We wanted to create Water Bounce as a fun and interactive way to enjoy music. This project attempts to bridge the gap between listener and musician, and allows the listener to also participate in the music-making by controlling the music’s pitch through the use of light shone over the controller. And some personal motivations from me for the project: I am a musician and performer and find that many people express their desire to also participate in music-making. From this personal experience, I am motivated to provide this solution.

Meet Yiyi (centre): Yiyi Shao is a digital artist from China and interested in interaction design, motion graphics and VR. She is doing her Mdes in OCAD University and very passionated about the combinations of cool technology and arts.

Why did you want to create Water Bounce: “Water is a very flexible material to use and I personally really like the ripple effect. Water and sound are a very common combination but we want to add interactions to make it more interesting for people to play around. We are also trying to give everyone an experience of how DJ is working instead of using complicated MIDI controller.”

You might be asking what Water Bounce is? Well, we are a pre-performed DJ service. We will attend parties and play you the music we have already pre-selected with an artistic element of having coloured water with glitter that vibrates from the speaker – giving you a water show.

We are three graduate students at OCAD University in the Digital Futures program who have built and coded and wired a system where we use light (input) to play a speaker (output).

We have created this blog because we want to take all you readers on a journey of our story. This blog highlights the days we worked on this experiment / project and what we did each of those days. P.S. lots of visuals along with writing!

So read our blog and be intrigued to become designers like us! And to also use our Water Bounce product.

-Thanks for the Water Bounce team.