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Savaya Shinkaruk, Sana Shepko, Yiyi Shao


Savaya Shinkaruk


DAY SEVEN OF OUR EXPERIMENT October 6, 2017  Today is the day of our presentation! We are so excited to showcase the first Water Bounce product to our classmates and professors. Be sure to read through the other blog posts… Continue Reading →


DAY SIX OF OUR EXPERIMENT October 5, 2017 Today we worked on tidying up our presentation. We met in the Digital Futures lab to fix the presentation of the wires of the breadboard and find another way to present the… Continue Reading →


DAY FIVE OF OUR EXPERIMENT / DAY WE HAVE OUR MEETING WITH OUR PROFESSORS October 4, 2017 A few questions have we have: Yiyi and Savaya keep having the Hairless Midi crash and we want to know why – later… Continue Reading →


DAY FIVE OF OUR EXPERIMENT October 4, 2017 So after yesterday we came back to the drawing board from what we had researched the night before and based on Yiyi’s attempts we were able to use 3 LED sensors to change… Continue Reading →


October 3, 2017 Side project for our main project / experiment. We did a little branding for our Water Bounce product. Here is a small design we did when we were blowing off some frustration when figuring out the code… Continue Reading →


DAY FOUR OF OUR EXPERIMENT October 3, 2017 Today the group met to start putting our project together. We decided to meet in the Digital Futures lab at 9 A.M. so we could work most of the day. When we… Continue Reading →


DAY THREE OF OUR EXPERIMENT October 2, 2017 Today we sourced the needed materials for our projects. We went to Michaels and bought a plastic container and pink food dye. We are meeting tomorrow to start officially working on the coding… Continue Reading →


DAY TWO OF OUR EXPERIMENT September 29, 2017 Today we worked in class on wiring our input and output devices for some practice and understanding of how to code. For our group the INPUT is a LIGHT SENSOR and the… Continue Reading →


DAY ONE OF OUR EXPERIMENT September 27, 2017 Today we started to brainstorm ideas for our project that was assigned to us on September 22nd. The project we were assigned was a MadLibs projects where we were given four groups and… Continue Reading →

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