We have come to an end!

We have designed and wired our first Water Bounce Project!! Thank you…thank you.

Just to remind you, below we have shared what the initial concept was: 

The project  assigned was a MadLibs game where we were given four groups and we had to select a single word from each of the categories.

The four categories included: Sensor, Adjective, Material, Actuator. The four words we chose were: Light, Floaty, Water, and Speaker.

Through multiple days and a few long hour-ed meeting we came up with Water Bounce!

Here is a image to show our installation:


Here are the final details of what we created and produced:

LED Sensor: We wired three LED sensors (our input) that will allow you to adjust the pitch of the instrument we are using on Ableton. You will be able to adjust the LED sensors with light. Ultimately, what you are adjusting in pitch is based on the average light input. We made it so there was a single bass playing the whole time – so you would just be adjusting the average of the pitch you hear from the instrument we have selected. The ones we chose from Ableton are: Basic-Sinelike as the instrument and we have Break Booty 130 BBP for the base.

Code: We used this example code  in previous tests from this link here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Send-and-Receive-MIDI-with-Arduino/ (remember to download the media library.) We updated this code however to add multiple sensors, however, which we created over time and test runs. The official code will be available on GitHub (click here to take you to the final code).

Speaker: The speaker is our outlet where the music will be playing through. We have used our material (water) on our speaker by putting the water in a plastic bag and taping that to the speaker.

Floaty: We used our adjective by putting glitter in the water (in the plastic bag) to incorporate a ‘party’ theme to the rest of our visual scene. This is to show that the glitter is floating; like how we want you to feel when listening to our speaker ‘the music is floating (aka dancing) you around the room’.

Here is a video of people interacting with the Water Bounce, and a visual of our final project:

Here is a video of our final presentation: