Water Bounce was created through playing the game MadLibs.

This game of MadLibs consisted of four groups, where we had to select a single word from each of the categories.

The four categories included: Sensor, Adjective, Material, Actuator – and the four words we selected were: Light, Floaty, Water, and Speaker.

The goal of the project is to use our designated electronic components to create an interactive system that extends the properties of our assignment material in a way that references our assigned adjective. – Kate and Nick.

We wanted to take our project that much further and make a product out of it. Since this project had such a cool starting narrative of ‘light floaty water speaker’…we definitely could make something cool. So we decided to make a speaker that gives those in the audience a bit of a water show. And the best part of it – the audience can interact with the sound by using light.

We go more into depth about the journey of our process towards making our first Water Bounce speaker in our blog page of this website – but the overall description of our project is:

We created a system where you use three multiple sensors to change the pitch of the instrument playing through the speaker by light. This will change the note of the instrument playing, which will change the vibration from the speaker slightly. However, we selected a bass that plays consistently throughout the duration of the show, and this is what is making the water bounce and vibrate. We added glitter and pink dye to the water to give it a party feel! 

So, continue on to the rest of our website to read more about the Water Bounce team and our journey.

– The Water Bounce Team