Atelier IV: VR Set Up

9:00 – During class today we went over the history of virtual reality, I was very surprised to find out that this timeline stemmed way into the 1600’s – 1800’s. We looked at some early VR projects, one that I found particularly  interesting is a project that aimed to fully engage the users senses through an immerse visual reality experience. The artists sued smell as an element of their project by building a dome that released scents as the would experience the virtual reality.

10:00 – Next we learned how to set up VR with Unity through a quick tutorial. We had to make sure we had the updated version of Unity, turn on XR capabilities as well as virtual reality supports. Through an XR example scene we were able to learn about the different types of VR interactions and experience them for ourselves.

11:00 – During the work session Melissa and I worked on collecting  yoga motion capture data with the perception neuron motion capture suit. We recorded about 4-5 different positions, but after multiple attempts we were not able to get the perfect motion capture we wanted. So we decided to search the web for any Yoga motion capture data that we could source for free or at a low cost. We ended up finding a very conclusive motion capture library that had all of the data we needed for free!

12:30 – Next I began to work on creating a 360 ‘starry night’ world in blender. With the help of a classmate and a tutorial I was able to create a star filled world that we intend to use in out final project.

ezgif-com-optimize-17starry-night Video

Atelier IV: VR Lab

10:00am – For this lab I attempted to design my own 3D assets in a VR environment using an application called VRCAT. The learning curve was pretty minimal, however it did take me a solid 10 minutes to figure out how to place and arrange things in the proper orientation. I made a few abstract 3D objects, a house, a game map, a dome etc., but I was not able to export them as an .OBJ file. I tried to find a quick fix online but none of the given suggestions worked for me, I am still trying to find the saved objects on the desktop!

I also used PaintLab which I really liked because it allows you to create objects with pre loaded textures and materials. I made a few objects including a window, a tree, and some crystal particles. However, I had the same problem that occurred when I used VRCAT, I was not able to export the files. I just took some pictures with the VR camera instead.


11:00am – During this portion of the lab I explored a 360 video experience called Coral Compass. The experience was incredibly disorienting for me, and the quality of the video itself was not as high resolution as I would have liked it to be. However, I did really admire the use of 360 video to show the impact of climate change as this is something I wanted to do for an upcoming project.  While this 360 experience was lacking for me in many ways, it did give me an idea of what not do when designing for VR.

12:00pm – Next, I played an interactive VR music video which I  kind thought was a game at first, it was called Show It To Me. I really enjoyed the  incorporation of the visuals and the music in a VR environment. The interactivity of the experience was pretty minimal and could use a bit more work but overall I really enjoyed this one!