Design Journals: 360 Video Capture

When capturing 360 Video footage it is important to keep in mind the viewpoint that the footage puts the user in. For example, footage that is shot low to the ground will make the user feel very small in VR, whereas footage shot from high up will make them feel very tall in VR.

In my experience, the best way to capture the ideal intended user viewpoint is to use the Yi360 Camera and the Yi360 mobile application. When our team switched from the Samsung 360 to the Yi we were able to optimize our capture time by being able to preview the footage on the mobile application. This enabled us to make tripod adjustments and visual design decisions on the fly without having to connect to a laptop. The camera + app workflow worked particularly well for us when filming in Allen Gardens without a permit, especially because we had to be quick (and stealthy) in capturing the footage.

When capturing 360 footage it is also imperative to keep in mind the weather conditions before a shoot. Our team made the unfortunate mistake of filming the Bluffs on a cold, overcast, afternoon. This resulted in a miserably cold shoot experience and poorly lit, inconsistent footage. From this experience, we learned that the optimal time for a 360 shoot would be early in the morning when the sun is at its highest so that the light conditions stay relatively the same throughout the shoot.

In the future, I would really like to take the skills and tools we acquired from this project and use them to capture 360 Videos of different ecological ecosystems. For example,  I think it would be visually interesting to view the world as and life of a beettle, a bird, or a tropical fish while hearing interesting stories about their ecosystem.

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