Six-Word Summary Design: Dada


The Dada movement emerged after World War I and was predominantly a negative reaction to what was happening at the time. The Dada artists were critical of their society, capitalism and nationalism. Dada art comes in many forms; art, poetry and performance art. The subject matter has underlying tones of satire and mockery. Dada is about protesting the social norms and questioning cultural and political values. 

Six meaningful words to summarize the Dada movement are; SATIRE, NONSENSICAL, CHAOTIC, RADICAL, COLLAGE and POETIC. I was inspired by Raoul Hausmann’s “The Art Critic”. We both created a collage with both image and text and feature a human in the centre as the main subject. The background of the collage is a cut/paste of parts of the Mona Lisa. I chose this because of Duchamp’s “L. H. O. O. Q.” in which he paints a moustache on top of Mona Lisa. This as well as my inclusion of the Statue of David represents the anti – establishment and anti – art rhetoric of the Dada movement. I also included Duchamp’s “Fountain” to cover the genitals in the statue of David because it is satirical.

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