More Than Words Disney Logo

The Walt Disney logo is amongst the most famous designs of all time. The typeface is completely unique to any other typeface and appears to be hand drawn but it has a very finished and flawless look.

Walt Disney Logo
Walt Disney Logo


As a company that mainly produces movies and shows for children, their target audience typically does not have the ability to read. This leaves the interpretation of the words all to the expression in the typeface. For the majority of my childhood I believed that the logo read ‘Walp Disnep’. This was because of the swirls on the ‘t’ and the ‘y’. Even now if I was unfamiliar with the company the words might be difficult to read. The words in the logo are somewhat unimportant as the lettering has an aesthetic that just screams imagination and creativity. The overall feeling that Disney is attempting to express in their content is ‘magic’, ‘dazzling’, ‘fantasy’ -this is shown at the beginning of their movies when this logo is presented and white stars fall in the background and a wand waves. Seeing the logo alone this effect is produced also by the typeface in order to communicate that feeling to their audience members who cannot yet read. The style is comparative to the writing of a child with swirling letters that are not particularly uniform, and even appears to be slightly slanting downward towards the bottom right corner. The typeface is the largest part of the logo, even bigger than the castle that is shown in the background. The letters are all capital, except for the ‘I’ and the ‘y’, and arguably the ‘s’. The ‘w’ and the ‘d’ are much larger in comparison to the rest of the letters. The ‘d’ is placed in the centre of the page beneath the castle and is given the most personality and importance. It’s the largest letter on the page and appears as the most professionally drawn as it’s very well proportioned and brings a level of symmetry to the entire page. The ‘d’ is technically the most important letter on the page as it is the initial for ‘Disney’ and is often used on smaller scale designs unaccompanied by the rest of the letters. In a way the ‘d’ alone is the logo while the rest of the letters are there to frame it. Each letter is weighted somewhat the same. There are points with thinner lines to produce that ‘hand drawn’ effect, but the thickest points on each letter is the same. The spacing is used differently in ‘Walt’ and in ‘Disney’, each letter in ‘Walt’ are connected either by a joining line or by very slightly overlapping one another. Each of the letters in Disney are clearly spaced in order to evenly distribute the letters. With each letter having a unique personality to the others, the logo appears whimsical and expresses that ‘magic’ that Disney exudes while maintaining its professional characteristics with the evenly spaced letters and hierarchy of the lettering.

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