Blog Post 2

I find the history of VR extremely fascinating. The fact that putting things on your face can be traced all the way back to the 1600s is really neat.. your presentation kind of put into perspective how humanity has been trying to create extensions of the body since basically forever.  And of course the military always has something to do with it.giphy

Blog Post 1 VR Object Creation

I was absent from this class, however, I have tried tilt brush before. It’s absolutely mesmerizing from the moment you put the headset on. I could sit in a dark room with a paintbrush that never dries out for hours. I have seen some of the creativity that’s out there on the internet right now using tilt brush such as recreating van Gogh pieces in 3d. I strive to make something as amazing as that. Not to mention this aesthetic is something I’m looking at utilizing for sonophobia.

Modulia also looks promising for sound creation and immersion.

Hello world!

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