This page hosts the final projects developed in Experiences and Interfaces  during the Winter 2018 class.

The 7 dialogues that follow explore different interactions with AI agents and algorithms taking a speculative approach based on historical and current developments in Human Computer Interaction, emotional robotics, computational linguistics and machine intelligence.

I’m Listening (7 dialogues with AI’s)

As Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve in its complexity and capabilities, its presence in our daily lives has continued to increase significantly. Should we hold the same illusions, expectations, and fears that were once projected into robots with artificial intelligence algorithms?

What fundamentally new differences and possibilities may come forth? What forms will they embody? What new modes of interaction will they bring with them? And lastly, what kind of relationships are we willing to create with an AI? The seven dialogues in this blog explore these scenarios.

While one dialogue unfolded from a real conversation with an online commercial chatbot that promises to learn everything about you while becoming your best friend (1), other dialogues have taken a speculative direction exploring possible scenarios, yet to arise. They speculate about AI’s embedded in cutlery (2), implanted in the human body (3), acting as personal assistants in a hospital (4), as guardians (5), as a menace that attempts to harm us both physically and emotionally (6), and even taking on the role of a foster parent (7).

Dialogue 1: AI Companion – A.C.E. 2.0 (Artificially Conceived Entity)
Shikhar Juyal

Dialogue 2: Everyday AI
Vanessa Eva Mae Krause and Alicia Blakey

Dialogue 3: Viki: The Grammarly AI
Olivia Prior and Mazin Chabayta

Dialogue 4: The Healing Companion: Bothersome or Invaluable?
April De Zen and Omid Ettehadi

Dialogue 5: The Knight
Georgina Yeboah and Lauren-Connell-Whitney

Dialogue 6: [An artificial intelligence entity has formed from the many algorithms within the Internet of Things]
Nick Alexander and Veda Adnani

Dialogue 7: Dialogue with an AI
Jorgen Baker