BOOK LOOK :The Moon and Sixpence


The book cover I chose came from the novel The Moon and Sixpence by William Maligham that was first published in 1919. The first person narration reveals the internal battle of Charles Strickland who left his family to accomplish his desire for art. My inspiration to adapt this book is the background story behind the title. The title is taken from William’s work Human Bondage where Philip, the novel’s protagonist is ‘busy yearning for the moon that he forgot to consider the sixpence at his feet’. This description is similar to the life and struggles of an architecture student and other creative arts as we try to balance between personal life and our creative space. In most cases, we are son busy to perfect our art and forget to concentrate on our private lives. 

The Moon and Sixpence.jpg

 In relation to the setting of the novel, I summarized my message in an ancient typology. The yellow color in the background is a representation of optimism and creativity and how it brings happiness for an artist. However, the use of black upon yellow is a sign of egoism and madness experience internally. The moon is characterized by white ‘spikes’. It shows the internal distress as one craves to have a normal personal life that allows you to experience life. In the middle, is a man who is suffering from the internal conflict in his mind which resolute him to smoke to ease his thoughts. The character is also in thought trying to resolve the dilemma of whether to choose his passion or personal life. The visual image of the man is an expression of a destructive genius who is struggling to be ‘human’.