CFC Media Lab – Journal #3

Class #3 – What am I building? – 9th of July

I am interested in building a platform that assists creators in documenting their creation process. The documentation can be in the form of a separate file/ document or can be embedded in the final product itself.

One recent example of Documentation that I made can be found here:


I feel that they still are a lot of things that are missing from this documentation. Apart from how disruptive it was to create the documentation while I was building the physical product, it still does not capture most of the decisions that I made while I was creating the product.

I am interested in working with maker communities, especially with creators of interactive physical devices. I still have not been able to narrow down to a specific group of people to focus on, but for now, I think to narrow down the project, I want to work on existing tools that maker usually use. I am personally working a lot with 3D printers, and I think this would be an excellent probe to play with.

I have been playing with a 3Doodler pen and considering its cost; it is a very affordable 3d printer with almost no restrictions on what you can do with it. I have been working on this robotic arm for my Thinking Through Making class, and I think I can combine the 3Doodler pen with the robotic arm to create a 3D printer that allows for co-creation. The Robotic arm was initially designed as it tool that allows for different attachments so that I can explore different arm heads for it. I think the 3D Doodler is an excellent place to start this exploration.

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