CFC Media Lab – Journal #6

Class #6 – Building Part 2 – 18th of July

For this class I started the assembly of the robot arm. There were a few pieces that had the wrong dimensions. As the Laser cutter in school still does not work, I had to fix the pieces manually in the first year workshop at 100 McCaul. I glued all the pieces together and installed the servos in their place.

One thing I realized was that the connection to the base of the robot arm was not very stable. To fix that, I designed an additional part for the section where the robot arm was getting attached to the base. Now with this new part, I could use a large screw to make sure the robot arm would always stay attached to the base.


After assembly of the robot, I started on exploring what activities I could do for the CFC Intensive that would give me interesting results. In the picture below, you can see a list of activates that I came up with and the type of data that I could collect using the robot arm.

activities-listI decided to go with the first one. To do that, I needed to install the 3D Doodler on the robot arm. In order to gain access to the keys on the pen, I had to hack into the pen. I attached two wires to the keys so that I could activate them from anywhere. I then attached the pen to a piece of wood and glued the piece of wood to the end of the robot arm.


The final things left to do was to do the circuit. I used an Arduino mega as it gave me 6 analog read pins. I needed that to use 3 variable resistors for each of the controllers.

To collect the data that I wanted, I programmed the Arduino so that whenever each of the users wanted to start designing, they had to press a button on the controller to activate the controlled. Then all the movement that they made would be captured and saved in the computer. This way, I know at any moment which user was  printing and what they were printing.

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