CFC Media Lab – Journal #7

Class #7 – CFC Day 1 – 24th of July

The first day of CFC was very challenging. To move the robot arm there, I had disassembled most of the electronic and rewire them at CFC. During this process, One of the servos burnt and did not work anymore. All the wires for the controllers were loose, and I had to rewire them. This took a lot of time. I was not able to replace the broken servo; therefore, I couldn’t run the experiment that I originally had in mind. My presentation, I decided to focus on the topic and introduce the robotic arm as a tool specifically designed for me and what I do.

I spent some time fixing the robotic arm and wrote down a list of components that I had to bring for the second day to fix the robotics arm. I spent the rest of the day purchasing the spare servo and the other materials and planning on how to fix all the components so that the robotic arm would be functional for the second day. I still wanted to run the experience; I wanted to see how two people would use the tool to create coffee cup sleeve and to do that the robotic arm had to be fully functional.

For the next iteration, I will for sure make the wiring, the assembly and the disassembly of the robotic arm much easier.

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