CFC Media Lab – Journal #9

Class #9 – CFC Day 3 – 26th of July

The third day was very smooth. I had to spend a lot of time on disassembling the Robot Arm. We had a really good guest speaker, Kylie. It really helped when she explained how she started her prototyping with CFC course and how she took to the next stage through her other classes. I learnt that I might not be able to pull everything off, but it is essential to have a specific time frame and plan on what I want to do.

It had been a very intense two days, so we just wanted to take some time off before moving on to the second iteration. Not all the feedbacks that we received were related to our projects. For example, I received a lot of feedback to use VR for my project, but I’m interested in using tools that maker communities use in their practices, and VR is just not one of them. There was some beneficial feedback, such as how hard the controller was to use. It was tough to draw a straight line by setting the angle of all the three servos. I will for sure take into account all these feedbacks for the next version.

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