CFC Media Lab – Journal #10

Class #10 – Second Iteration – 30th of July

There were a few technical issues that I needed to address for the second iteration. The wiring was a mess. I really needed to make it in a way that I could easily disassemble it to move to a new location. I found another servo that broke during the transportation of the Robot Arm from CFC back to the lab. I replaced that servo and attached all the wiring to the body so that they won’t become loose anymore.
I also reprogrammed the software so that the arm would now only move with small steps. This way, the servos won’t be damaged again because of rapid movements.
I explained the modification that I made in much more details in my final document.

I also changed how I presented my project. I decided to show the data that the robot arm captures on a screen to highlight what the robot arm is doing. This way, I think my research question would be much more precise, and hopefully, people would better understand my project.

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