CFC Media Lab – Journal #12

Final Note

Overall over this course, I really developed my research question and narrowed down on the community that I want to explore. I received a lot of feedback on why this tool and I think this forced me into making better presentation for my project. The one-pager that I made for the second iteration presentation is one of the most useful things I have done for my thesis project. I now have a robotic arm with two controllers that I can use to explore different means to document the co-creation process. I can also use different tool heads for the robot arm in case I want to explore a different type of solutions.

The next step from here is to modify the software of the robot arm so that its movement becomes smoother and then run different trials were I can try collecting different type of data for my documentation. And also I can try embedding part of the documentation into the physical product that is being built by the 3D Doodler pen.

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