For this course, I wish to deepen my understanding of Arduino to Processing and Processing to Processing  communications in order to create interactive engagements and experiences. I have dealt with using these combinations before back in my undergrad and research assistance work but still feel as if I do not fully grasp or understand the coding logic very well. I have successfully created installation projects that dealt with sending messages over from one program to another but my overall goal is to continue and fully understand the code and hardware I am working with, why it works and how I can improve it to build stronger installations.

Below you can find two installations I did that have dealt with these methods. The first one has Processing to Processing communication. The other has Arduino to Processing communication. I would like to improve on the latter.

An Example of Processing to Processing Communication

An Example of Arduino to Processing  Communication

Project Ideas leading up to a final project

Create physical object that sends out a message to processing. I would like to play with motors, sensors and neo pixel lights (cause they’re cool).


To create a physical input to a virtual output using Arduino and Processing. I want to fabricate an object that spins. ( I keep thinking of ferris wheels…)


To play and explore with one sensor or input device (like a motor or potentiometer) and use port communications to create a visualizer based off the input I get.


Here are some sketches I drew up for the initial stage: