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Blog Post July 2nd: First Brainstorming Session

For the first week we started some rapid brainstorming to help us start thinking about what we wanted to prototype. Since my thesis explores strengthening the communication between the user and the prototype through smart interaction design I started to jot… Continue Reading →

Process Journal 4: Finalizing Tail Chaser Game Interface and Finalizing for Sensor Integration

From March 21-25 2019 I have been working on the following: Setting a class to change the gradient background – Done Setting a class for the player and enemies – Done Setting a class for the time. – Wasn’t needed… Continue Reading →

Process Journal 3: Started the Coding Phase

This week I began to create my game. After the player helps my flying object avoid obstacles the gradient background will change over time. I have placed the gradient background code I found on Processing’s reference page in my sketch… Continue Reading →

Process Journal 2: Final Idea and Planned Execution

I plan to use the potentiometer to create a simple flying game in P5.js that allows the users to control the position of a flying tail across the screen as they try to avoid obstacles in a changing gradient sky.  

Process Journal 1: Getting my Footing in Serial Communications

For this course, I wish to deepen my understanding of Arduino to Processing and Processing to Processing  communications in order to create interactive engagements and experiences. I have dealt with using these combinations before back in my undergrad and research assistance work but still… Continue Reading →

Making Brushes and Developing a Concept

Carissa and I settled on the concept of drawing prompts that involve making a bigger canvas. We decided to have users draw different parts of the body using the brush given to them on their smart phone so they can… Continue Reading →

Interactive Brush stroke sketches?

I pitched the idea to Carissa after getting my fun stroke sketch made of triangles and ellipses working. Turns out the javascript files were STILL not being found so I went all out and stated the the entire directory path:… Continue Reading →

OSCP5, Sockets and Nodes

Date: Thursday Sept 27th 2018 Carissa and I wanted to create an interactive installation with 20 screens. I proposed we use a library I had used before to communicate between sketches on different devices. I started looking into how to… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to OCAD University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! There are tons of great themes available for you to choose from. Please explore all of the options available to you by exploring… Continue Reading →

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