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Process Journal 4: Finalizing Tail Chaser Game Interface and Finalizing for Sensor Integration

From March 21-25 2019 I have been working on the following: Setting a class to change the gradient background – Done Setting a class for the player and enemies – Done Setting a class for the time. – Wasn’t needed… Continue Reading →

Process Journal 3: Started the Coding Phase

This week I began to create my game. After the player helps my flying object avoid obstacles the gradient background will change over time. I have placed the gradient background code I found on Processing’s reference page in my sketch… Continue Reading →

Process Journal 2: Final Idea and Planned Execution

I plan to use the potentiometer to create a simple flying game in P5.js that allows the users to control the position of a flying tail across the screen as they try to avoid obstacles in a changing gradient sky.  

Process Journal 1: Getting my Footing in Serial Communications

For this course, I wish to deepen my understanding of Arduino to Processing and Processing to Processing  communications in order to create interactive engagements and experiences. I have dealt with using these combinations before back in my undergrad and research assistance work but still… Continue Reading →

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