Quantum Butts

Context: Jackson McConnell, a DF graduate from 2014 designed four prototypes for their thesis project. McConnell’s research focusses on poetic computation and emotional affect. This specific prototype looks at ambient notifications/information display and emotional affect.

Figure from McConnell's thesis
Figure from McConnell’s thesis

Main points and take aways:

  • Really interesting application of thermo chromic paints
  • Poetic computation is something to research more into, and see how others are creating under this theme
    • Poetic public?
  • How are the chairs networked?
  • Crafting the chair was an imporant aspect of the project
    • Very bespoke pieces
    • Concerns about the bespoke pieces being all too time-consuming to¬†achieve the main goal
  • What does ambient interaction in the public setting?
  • An interesting application of heat as a response
    • Very intimate sensation
  • Chairs!!
    • Sitting as a way of settled embodiment in space

Authors referenced in this project:

Malcolm¬†McCullough — Urban planning and Architecture writer