Six Word Summary Design : De Stijl


6-word summary

  • Rational
  • Distinct
  • Ordered
  • Fundamental
  • Geometrical
  • Substance


The definition of  De Stijl from Meggs’ History of Graphic Design

Working in an abstract geometric style, De Stijl artists sought universal laws of balance and harmony for art, which could then be a prototype for a new social order.  (MEGG,313)

This poster enhances the sequential of the geometric shapes. Base on the focus point on the page, “Substance” is in the centre and it is the only none in the 6 words. It reflects the “new order” as a statement.

The black border around the main design component can emphasize the colour shapes. In the beginning, the background was white. The reason for changing the background to black is to make the gaps between each shape be part of the element.  The words place as a spiral line to lead the eye flow.


  • Left: Theo van Doesburg, Composition, 1918. Oil on canvas
  • Right: Piet Mondrian, Tableau 2, 1922. Oil on canvas

Work Cited:

Meggs, Philip B, Alston W. Purvis, and Philip B. Meggs. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design. Hoboken, N.J: J. Wiley & Sons, 2006. Print.