Fundamentals of Immersion

May 07

Wed May 8
Early Ideation

As an early concept I have envisioned a combination interactive installation/storyworld artefact immersive experience.

Expanding somewhat on the Synth concept from the Transmedia Storytelling class, this concept revolves around a digital assistant search engine called Cassi. Cassi is realized as an animated face projection mapped onto a bust in a gallery setting.


Participants enter and ask her questions or converse with her before receiving their conversation summarized in a printed receipt before moving on.

img_20190506_132005The second part of the experience takes place “behind the curtain” in an adjoining room themed as the control centre. Players move through this office space and can look through computers and documents for information on Cassi’s construction and programming. They can enter information from their receipt to read details from their own conversation.

The crux of the experience is that Cassi, the all-knowing search engine, is manipulating the responses and saving the details of the conversations for the benefit of the organization that created her.

img_20190506_132018Practically I envision the Cassi interaction as being a chatbot utilizing text to speech and Wolfram Alpha API connection.img_20190506_132021The “behind the curtain” room I envision as being a work of set-dec and worldmaking, along with a means of storing and playing back key data from each interaction – perhaps logged as a number referenced on each participant’s receipt.

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