Fundamentals of Immersion

May 29

I’ve discovered a fascinating thinker who is capturing my imagination. Peggy Lind is a PhD candidate in Communication and Culture (a joint program between Ryerson and York University) whose work is largely based around the space between interactions – that is, what is unsaid. She’s careful to explain that’s not talking about body language or subconscious communication cues, but the information exchanges that occur in the absence of mindful communication and the methods by which manipulation can occur through the omission of key information.

I’m interested in the concept of manipulation for my thesis, and I am particularly excited by Peggy’s proposed Taxonomy of Immersion, which is the concept that led me to her.

I’ve reached out to Peggy – and we’ve exchanged some emails! She said she was happy that someone had found her work and was interested. We’re going to start meeting.

In the meantime, I’ve agreed to help her put together her website. I’m not exactly a developer, but I’m learning HTML/CSS and just discovered Bootstrap, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice. Peggy is sending me website content when she has time, so the site should take form as I get direction from her.

You can check it out here:

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