Fundamentals of Immersion

Jun 20

This week I have been continuing my AR explorations. My most noteworthy development is the incorporation of volumetric video into AR, as seen above.


Situating the volumetric video clip is as simple as nesting it as a GameObject child of the intended ImageTarget. Scaling and placing it is slightly more complicated as the GameObject seems to exist at a different origin than the video itself.

More experimentation is required. I have done some experiments with regular video, and virtual buttons – that is, areas on trigger images that can be occluded to cause events to trigger in Unity.

img_20190620_155103_452 screenshot_20190620-154017 screenshot_20190620-153959

The app builds and runs, but it is very slow to generate a video once the button is pressed. I suspect that the code is turning each video off and on every time a new one is called. I experimented with having all three videos running offscreen, as well as switching the renderers on and off, but succeeded only in crashing unity. Still, it’s a promising proof of concept.

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