Fundamentals of Immersion

Jul 03

This week I have been focusing more on experiments with incorporating DepthKit into Vuforia. I used a Kinect for Windows (graciously provided by my supervisor) to record some test footage using Depthkit, and experimented with post-processing and green screen to get a sharper image. (I will have to reshoot the test footage with a better green screen setup next time, as my rather slapdash studio setup had too many wrinkles for a clear mask.) I was able to learn how to implement a green screen as well as play with Depthkit’s settings to reduce spikes.

My first new interaction is a hand reaching out of a surface, which is one of the first images I envisioned when I first considered using volumetric capture.

docudepth2Test footage with a cylindrical trigger:docudepth1I’ve also begun playing with Spark AR by Facebook. Facebook’s usage policy seems highly constraining, as it can only generate content for Facebook platforms, and thus may not be all that useful for an artistic practice. Still, it couldn’t hurt to become familiar with the tool.barf-docu¬†Other experiments still to come:

  • Depthkit AR interaction using an object as trigger,¬†incorporating the object in the film.
  • Learning how to maximize the efficiency of the available processing power, as experiments suggests the Android phone has trouble rendering multiple volumetric videos simultaneously.
  • Volumetric videos generated on a surface and in midair.

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