Fundamentals of Immersion

Jul 23

I have decided to put a freeze on the development of an immersive experience as the summative portion of this study.

This study began with the intention of exploring practices from every corner of the immersive design discipline in order to highlight effective design methods and, eventually, synthesize them into a singular “one-size-fits-all” practice-based approach. When that was the intention of the study, it made sense for the final evaluation to be a demonstration of that practice.

As the study progressed it became clear that the discourse that I found most engaging and useful was the theoretical/conceptual writings on the nature of immersion as it is understood by the various quadrants of design practitioners who utilize it.  The conceptual research was highly useful in pinpointing and the phychosociological phenomenon at the core of what I call immersion that I am keen to explore. Through this process it became clear to me that before I could begin to codify a design practice I needed to conduct a thorough context review and lay out a set of definitions – the myriad disciplines developing immersive experiences share many commonalities in terms of the mechanisms they utilize, but lack a common terminology or even definition.

It is more useful to me, then, for the summation of this study to be, rather than a piece of experiential design, a comprehensive contextual analysis laying out my understanding of the terms, phenomena, and mechanisms at play in immersion. The explorations in practical design undertaken as part of this study are being put to use in the CFC Prototyping assignment.

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