Fundamentals of Immersion

Aug 07

The process of researching immersive design has been crucial in defining exactly what elements are key to the establishment of the art form. It has allowed me to sift through definitions and clarify what I find most exciting about immersive experiences, and why there is confusion between disciplines that claim ownership of immersion.

In brief: I propose using the term “immersion” sparingly in discourse on immersive design. What most people think of as “immersion” is better thought of as “engrossment/absorption” –  or simply giving full attention to what is at hand. True immersion can be described with the term “embodied praesence” which is shorthand for the sublime experience of transportation from the real world where real-world rules apply to an alternate world where different rules apply, while simultaneously choosing to believe, for the duration of the experience, that this is the way the world has always been.

I have submitted a paper as a summation of my research, which can be accessed at the link below:

Link to Summative Paper

Further research should be conducted into the actual psychological mechanism of embodied praesence: if everyone is capable of experiencing it, how it can be reliably generated, and which forms of media best support it.

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  1. yesty
    2:48 am - 1-8-2020

    interesting paper, im agree with your opinion. looking for your update

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