Blog Post 2 for VISD-2006

The graphic designer which I think should be in our textbook Graphic Design: A New History(2edition) is Herb Lubalin.

Herb Lubalin is an American graphic designer who born in 1918, New York (“Herb Lubalin: Biography, Designs and Facts”). He gets known by making design work for Ralph Ginzburg’s  succession of magazines Eros, Fact and Avant Garde as a graphic designer(“Herb Lubalin: Biography, Designs and Facts”). The magazine “Eros” get folded after an obscenity case which filed by the US Postal Service and the second magazine; “Fact”, which is the magazine also created by Ginzburg and Lubalin, stop publishing after they get sued by Barry Goldwater because of an article which published on the magazine which talked about Goldwater(“Herb Lubalin: Biography, Designs and Facts”). After that they still work on magazine publishing and make a new magazine called “Avant Garde” and Lubalin made ITC Avant Garde typeface for it(“Herb Lubalin: Biography, Designs and Facts”)..


(picture1. Resource from:


(picture2. Resource from:


ITC Avant Garde typeface is a typeface which I think is very unique. It is easy to see that it do have some element from Sans serif but it is a complete different typeface. The length between each letter has been redesigned which the distance become closer. Also, the text itself looks more modernized. It is very interesting to see how the circular text combined together or combine with other text with a close distance and the design of letter “T” in this typeface is pretty playful. The letter “T” become a combination shape of two letters, which save some space(example:pic1) and it good for text composition in its own way. The thin type of the ITC Avant Garde typeface seems elegant and it keep the playful design idea from the ITC Avant Garde typeface gothic bold(example: pic2). It is a good typeface for poster making because this typeface can grab people’s attention directly by just playing the distance between each letter, such as how the Avant Garde magazine’s logo become attractive(example: pic3)


(picture3. Resource from:

Herb Lubalin is not just a typographer but also a good graphic designer. I think he is very creative in making design which combines illustration and text together. For example, his design work Beards (example: pic4) showed a man’s eyes and nose, and for the beards he uses the designated shape which looks like the word “beards” to instead the illustration of the beards and mouth. He is very good at adding elements to the letter or words or combine them with illustration to present the idea of his design, to show the idea which and what he is selling there.


(picture4. Resource from:

These are the reason why I think Herb Lubalin should be include to our textbook. The typeface he designed is very creative and some typeface nowadays which use for marketing poster use similar typefaces. His graphic design work are also full of creativity and have the value of learning.





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Blog Post1for VISD-2006

Package design is all around our daily life. When I pass through the MacDonald on the campus this week, the logo of it reminds me of its paper bag design. I do remember that they used to have different package design few years ago so I did some research about that.

The package of McDonald’s from 1955 to 1961 is the brand name with a little round head figure which holding a board. The company change the design in 1961, which is the year that the founders got all the stocks of the company(“History”). They get rid of the figure and make a much simpler design of the brand. They make a logo which like golden arches, also looks like an “M” which has a slash across it; Blue circle circled the arches and the name of the company. (Peterson). Since then the idea about the “M” as a part of the logo design and that design make the brand paper bag seems much more modern, unlike some town restaurant. They use that design until 1968s and avoid using paper bags for a while and restart to use paper bags start from 1983(Peterson). The paper bag at that time still is a white background based bag but they change the whole design since they have changed their logo. The logo of the company at that time already become the one we familiar today. Designer chooses to make the “M” become a pattern and place three lines of “M”s on the middle part of the bag with three different colours – yellow, orange and brown; There’s an official logo of McDonald below the patterns(Peterson). I think this design is pretty fun and the warm colour choice makes the company seems more approachable to normal civilian class.

In 1993, the design style of their paper bag becomes a little bit illustrative since it’s starting to show food on the bag again, and they change the material of the paper bag might because it’s the year they start to have McCoffee or just brown paper bag is more stable. But the last design didn’t last for long because they changed their logo design during these two years and they redesigned the paper bag(Peterson). The design in 1995 back to a modern style but the colour usage made it still feel easy to get in touch. They have changed their paper bag design in 2003 and 2008 since the development of science and technology allowed them to put photos on it, so they do take kind of advertisement in order to get more people to buy their food. Maybe it’s because of the printing, they change the back into white based background again. They also introduce typography into their paper bag design and keep it in a modern style. The typography also showed their idea about what is great food to the customer, to convincing them by their burger again. They change their design to make it more illustrative in 2013, seems they consider the young generation are their market. The style it use is a little bit retro but the layout is still in a modern style, also the usage of typography. The illustration there showing their idea about what is good food and why they chose their product. They redesigned their bag again in 2016(Peterson).The paper bag they use now is a brown paper bag which have a big “M” logo which presenting the logo of MacDonald on one side, and the purple letter “McDonald’s” on the other side(Peterson). The design of the paper bag nor is back to a typography-base modern style, no illustration or photo showing on the bag, but the color choice for the name of the company did catch people’s eyes and makes me think it is a McDonald’s take out bag.

McDonald's Package in 1955

McDonald’s Package in 1955

McDonald's Package in 1961

McDonald’s Package in 1961

McDonald's Package in 1983

McDonald’s Package in 1983

McDonald's Package in 1990

McDonald’s Package in 1990

McDonald's Package in 1993

McDonald’s Package in 1993

McDonald's Package in 1995

McDonald’s Package in 1995

McDonald's Package in 2003

McDonald’s Package in 2003

McDonald's Package in 2008

McDonald’s Package in 2008

McDonald's Package in 2013

McDonald’s Package in 2013

McDonald's Package in 2016

McDonald’s Package in 2016



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