Teyvat Tourism- An experiment in subversive gameplay

Genshin Impact- my newest obsession.

It’s so pretty~

An open-world fantasy adventure game that has beautiful graphics, a detailed story staring a cast of unique characters, AND an action-based battle system??? Truly a game that goes straight after my little RPG-loving heart <3

We were asked to try and create a subversive gameplay experience, but with a game that is so open to exploration, I was stumped. There were just so many options!

A snapshot of some of the recipes you can unlock by traveling around Teyvat, and the various stat boosts they can give you

Wandering around the Teyvat, I started out by devoting my time to unlocking new recipes and become a gourmet fantasy chef, instead of working my way through the main story quests. There was a drawback though.

You can’t craft your own recipes from scratch like in Breath of the Wilds, instead you can unlock and purchase them after reaching certain level milestones. While the game offers a small element of chance when you cook -ie. if you cook certain foods with certain characters, you have the chance of crafting a special dish.

A short example of how cooking works in Genshin ImpactCharacter Idle Animations >>

So I was back to square one, running around trying to find some sort of glitch or game mechanic that I could play with, and then I noticed the idle animations.

Watching these idle animations you can learn a lot about a character’s personality, and this is a really subtle touch I love finding within video games.

Each character has about 2 idle animations they run through at random, but this one is definitely my favourite.

One character whose animation I really adore is Xiangling – a travelling chef from the nation of Liyue who specializes in cooking with strange ingredients.




I ran around Teyvat with Xiangling as if we were members of a travelling circus act, making sure to hit the main city hubs and any picturesque locations that could be found on the map.

One thing i find wonderful about this game is how unique each character is, and I had a lot of fun finding places to highlight each of my characters personalities by focusing on they’re idle animations.

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