A few inspirational images

I came accross this artist Beilli Liu’s work the other day and posted some of her installation photos that she sometimes incorporates her body into. I also have been admiring the work of Lucy McRae and included some photos of her work above. I came accross a brief ted talk of hers you can watch here:


The sequined face picture was created by Kerstin zu Pan.








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cool stuff

These are some wonderful examples of masks and outfits from Haiti and Africa found in a National Geographic online publication. I’m interested in ’embodying’ the earth with our bodies through wearable architectures. Although incredibly simple, and repeated for milennia accross cultures, putting plant and animal imagery (and actual paraphrenelia ie. grass, tusks, skulls) references an interconnectivity with our environment and life and death cycles that is powerful and intriguing.

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Crawling along (no pun intended!). I hope to complete this wearable head-piece and have someone wear it at the zoo and creep around like an escapee.

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Star nosed Mole

The beginnings of a head piece

These amazing creatures commonly known as star nosed moles (Latin: Condylura cristata) have evolved to live without sight, and are the fastest eating mammals that we know of on the planet. They can feel 10x more with the phalanges on their faces than we can with our fingertips and can even hunt underwater! They exhale bubbles, then inhale these same air bubbles to smell out scent trails of prey. They often live near water and have both underwater and above ground entrances to their dens. Rarely seen, they are found in south eastern Canada and eastern USA (see map below). They are active during the day and at night, and do not hibernate in winter–they have been spotted swimming under ice covered streams and burrowing through snow. Little is known about the social behaviour of these creatures but they are imagined to be colonial. Predators include: the Red-tailed Hawk, Great Horned Owl, various skunks and mustelids, large fish as well as domestic cats.

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construction of rose coloured glasses

I was toying with the idea of creating the frame of the glasses out of silver and bought the appropriate thickness of silver wire, flux, and solder. I bought another ‘helping hand’, often used for detailed electronic soldering and was hoping that the torch I had would be sufficient. Silver needs to be heated to an extremely high temperature in order to bond well. Try as I might, I couldn’t find my fire proof board. So I decided to try copper after playing around with steel wire and it was so malleable I couldn’t justify going through all of the trouble of silver work. 70$ of materials I’ll use later!



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Seeing Through Rose Coloured Glasses

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